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    Much of my later work has come together exploring the rich and exciting world of oils

    If you would like to discuss gallery work, renting a piece of artwork or would like to commission a new piece, please contact me

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    Little About Me

    This year Gill Patterson has decided to exhibit at the prestigious Royal Opera Arcade Gallery Pall Mall.

    There will be over 100 of her oil, watercolour and acrylic paintings on display at this solo show including landscape, still life and portrait. Many will appear in her richly illustrated brochure.

    Gill was born in the 60’s in Cork, Ireland but was raised in the vibrant city of London where she discovered her passion for painting. She studied graphic design at West London College of Art winning major art competitions along the way.

    After achieving her degree in Graphics, she became a successful Designer. As a result, she worked in London based graphic design and television studios focusing on illustrations. For many years Gill has enjoyed running her own art business teaching and lecturing in adult education. She has also exhibited extensively in galleries across Britain and Europe.

    She loves the thrill of painting on big canvases in her own studio in Surrey but also enjoys the pleasure of painting en plainair. (as art people call it) near her sandbanks studio in Dorset

    “I adore the excitement of painting outside and the intense concentration it demands. The world is my studio. A rising sun can bathe the landscape in glorious light while a harmony of deepening tones gently builds on my canvas. The heavenly bliss of being totally immersed in the surrounding atmosphere adds to the joy of working with such an exciting medium. If oils were not such a challenge they would be so satisfying.”

    We hope you will be able to join Gill in celebrating her latest creations on display at the exhibition or on a visit to her studio and gallery in Surrey. If you would like to purchase, rent or commission a painting, samples of her work can be viewed on this website.


    La Galleria Pall Mall
    5b Pall Mall
    30 Royal Opera Arcade
    SW1Y 4UY



    How to get there

    La Galleria Pall Mall Gallery is located at the entrance of the oldest arcade in London, on Pall Mall street, situated between Haymarket Street and Lower Regent Street, only 5 minutes from Trafalgar Square. +44 (0)207 930 8069 enquiries@lagalleria.org

  • Commissions

    Gill is very happy to discuss any commissions. These can be anything from portraits of individuals to landscapes taken from photographic images or even your favourite pet. She is very comfortable working with Oil, watercolour or acrylic paint. If you would be interested in having a painting commissioned please drop Gill a line using our contact form or phoning Gill on:
    07903 909 291

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    Gill also offers Limited edition prints of here paintings that will be signed and numbered by her. If you would be interested in purchasing one of these prints, please contact Gill in the first instance on 07903 909 291 or fill in the contact form on her contact page.


    All Gill's painting are available to hire. If you require some stunning artwork on loan for a temporary event or need to furnish a home before a sale, hiring out paintings is a very cost-effective way of decorating your home before a sale. If you would like to hire any of Gill's paintings please call 07903 909 291 or send Gill a message using her contact page.


    Why not have your favourite photograph reproduced as a watercolour! Paintings can evoke wonderful memories, and what a lovely present for someone special to give as a gift at Christmas, a Birthday or Wedding. They could have very own unique painting of that special place or day. Paintings sizes are usually 30cm x 40cm but any size is available. Your painting can be mounted or framed as you choose.

    Please contact me for a quote. Larger sizes are available.

    Simply send your photo via email, send a 50% deposit (balance due when you receive the finished painting) then I will send the finished watercolour/drawing painting to you within 1 to 2 weeks.

  • Watercolour Paintings

    These paintings can be framed or unframed. For purchases and postal information, PLEASE CONTACT ME

    White daisies Unframed Watercolour 50cm X 50cm..
    Evening Sail Unframed Watercolour 50cm X 50cm.
    Elefants Unframed Watercolour 50cm X 50cm..
    Riding in the Park - Watercolour - unframed-35 cm x 30 cm.
    Pansies - Watercolour - unframed -24 cm 22 cm.
    Building Sandcastles - Watercolour - unframed 22cm x 35 cm.
    Riding Watercolour unframed 35 cm x 30 cm.
    Birds of a feather Watercolour with pen and Ink - Unframed 38cm x 20 cm. .
    Cycling Watercolour - unframed 30 cm x 24 cm.
    Little Summer House - unframed 40cm x 26 cm.
    Sitting in the sun - unframed 33 cm x 27 cm.
    Surfs up - Watercolour - Unframed 30 cm x 40 cm.
    Bluebells in the woodsWatercolour - Unframed 50 cm x 20 cm.
    Golden Beach Watercolour Unframed 40cm X 40cm.
    Little Cottage Watercolour Unframed 40cm X 40cm.
    Still Life Watercolour Unframed 60cm X 50cm.
    Daffodils Watercolour Unframed 46cm X 35cm.
    Anemones Watercolour Unframed 50cm X 40cm.
    White Geese Watercolour Unframed 45cm X 30cm.
    Evening Sky Watercolour Unframed 30cm X 50cm.
    Tide's Out Watercolour Unframed 30cm X 50cm.
    Fly Fishing Watercolour Unframed 30cm X 50cm.
    Dream Holiday Watercolour Unframed 30cm x 28cm.
    Pampered pussycat Watercolour unframed 40cm x 30 cm.
    White Flowers Watercolour Unframed 30cm X 50cm
    Under The Arch Watercolour Unframed 30cm X 50cm.
    Flowers In Bloome Watercolour Unframed 30cm x 28cm.
    Barge Boats Watercolour Unframed 30cm X 50cm.
    Cottage By The Sea Watercolour Unframed 30cm x 28cm.
    Deck Chairs Watercolour Unframed 30cm X 20cm.
  • Oil Paintings

    These paintings can be framed or unframed. For purchases and postal information, PLEASE CONTACT ME

    Rose Bush
    Grand Canal
    Grand Canal
    Grand Canal
    Bournemouth Beach
    Buckingham Palace
    Dancing Penquins.
    Dorset Coast.
    evening sky
    From London Bridge
    HMS Belfast
    Houses of Parliament
    Little Cottage
    London Bridge
    London Sky
    London Red Sky
    Norfolk Broads
    Purbeck Coast
    Red Sail Boat
    Red Skies
    Richmond Hill
    Sail Boats
    Sailing at Sandbanks
    Sailing on the Estuary
    St Marks Venice
    St Pauls Venice
    St Pauls
    Starters Orders
    Stroll On The Beach
    The green
    Tower Bridge
    Wellington From Trafalgar
    The Strole
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    Gillian Paterson.

    Cobham, Surrey.
    Telephone: +44 07903 909 291
    E-mail: gillian.studios@googlemail.com

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