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    Little About Me

    Hi, I am Gillian Paterson (Gill). I was born in Cork, Ireland in August 1960 but I was raised in the vibrant city of London where I discovered my love for Painting and went on to study Graphic Design at West London College of Art winning several major art competitions.

    After attending College of Art 1979- 1982, I achieved a HND and (BA) SIAD in Graphic Design and Advertising and became a successful Graphic Designer. As a result, I worked for many years at London Based graphics and television studios focusing on illustration work with major magazines. My clients included Hamlyns book publishing, Marks and Spencers food packaging and ITV News Graphics Dept.

    In 2004, I gained my teaching certificate and was employed as a tutor for Surrey Adult Education for several years before progressing to run my own business teaching large groups of students from basics to advance levels. Much of my later work has come together exploring glazed acrylics, watercolours and oils. During the years, I have travelled far and wide and as a result, I have produced a large collection of paintings in oils, watercolours and acrylics.

    I have exhibited extensively across England and Europe. Recent Exhibitions include a one woman show in St Tropez with demonstrations, Craft in Focus, The Royal Horticultural Society Halls at Wisley Gardens and The Canterbury Halls. From the 1st December I will have a permanent display of my paintings in High Wycombe at the Art and Craft Wood Turning exhibition Centre and museum.

    I am currently exhibiting at Kraftwood

    Kraftinwood, Kraft Village, Grafton Street, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, HP12 3AJ

    Christina and Robert Bishop have carried out extensive refurbishment works to their new building which now consists of: Kraftinwood woodturning workshop, five artist studios, High Wycombe chair making museum, a contemporary art gallery and a craft gift shop.

    Daily opening times are 9 to 5 pm
    Sunday opening times are 12 to 5pm
    We are closed all day Thursday

  • Commissions

    Gill is very happy to discuss any commissions. These can be anything from portraits of individuals to landscapes taken from photographic images or even your favourite pet. She is very comfortable working with either watercolours or acrylic paint. If you would be interested in having a painting commissioned please drop Gill a line using our contact form or phoning Gill on 07903 909 291

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    Why not try one of my classes


    Gill offers a range of different courses throughout the year to suit all levels of watercolour, drawing, acrylics and other mediums. Friday 10am —12.30pm Watercolour and drawing weekly classes in Hampton (Richmond) during term time. £240 for 12 week term course. This course is suitable for beginners, intermediate and advance levels.


    August Tue 9th, Thurs 11th, Fri 12th,
    and/or Saturday 13th

    Time: 10am - 4pm

    £65 per day Inc lunch and afternoon tea/ coffee and cakes. If you are interested in booking a course or if you would like any more information about the classes please contact me by email or telephone.


    Why not have your favourite photograph reproduced as a watercolour! Paintings can evoke wonderful memories, and what a lovely present for someone special to give as a gift at Christmas, a Birthday or Wedding. They could have very own unique painting of that special place or day. Paintings sizes are usually 30cm x 40cm but any size is available. Your painting can be mounted or framed as you choose.

    Please contact me for a quote. Larger sizes are available.

    Simply send your photo via email, send a 50% deposit (balance due when you receive the finished painting) then I will send the finished watercolour/drawing painting to you within 1 to 2 weeks.

  • Watercolour Paintings

    All paintings can be framed on request. These are approximate sizes. Please allow £15.50 for postage and packaging (uk Mainland Only).

    White daisies Unframed Watercolour 50cm X 50cm £220.
    Evening Sail Unframed Watercolour 50cm X 50cm £220.
    Elefants Unframed Watercolour 50cm X 50cm £220.
    Riding in the Park - Watercolour - unframed-35 cm x 30 cm £220
    Pansies - Watercolour - unframed -24 cm 22 cm £200.
    Building Sandcastles - Watercolour - unframed 22cm x 35 cm £250.
    Riding Watercolour unframed 35 cm x 30 cm £250
    Birds of a feather Watercolour with pen and Ink - Unframed 38cm x 20 cm £200 .
    Cycling Watercolour - unframed 30 cm x 24 cm £ 250
    Little Summer House - unframed 40cm x 26 cm £250
    Sitting in the sun - unframed 33 cm x 27 cm £220
    Surfs up - Watercolour - Unframed 30 cm x 40 cm £270.
    Bluebells in the woodsWatercolour - Unframed 50 cm x 20 cm £220.
    Golden Beach Watercolour Unframed 40cm X 40cm £200.
    Little Cottage Watercolour Unframed 40cm X 40cm £200
    Still Life Watercolour Unframed 60cm X 50cm £200
    Daffodils Watercolour Unframed 46cm X 35cm £250
    Anemones Watercolour Unframed 50cm X 40cm £250
    White Geese Watercolour Unframed 45cm X 30cm £200.
    Evening Sky Watercolour Unframed 30cm X 50cm £190.
    Tide's Out Watercolour Unframed 30cm X 50cm £200
    Fly Fishing Watercolour Unframed 30cm X 50cm £190.
    Dream Holiday Watercolour Unframed 30cm x 28cm £200.
    Pampered pussycat Watercolour unframed 40cm x 30 cm £250.
    White Flowers Watercolour Unframed 30cm X 50cm £200
    Under The Arch Watercolour Unframed 30cm X 50cm £200.
    Flowers In Bloome Watercolour Unframed 30cm x 28cm £220.
    Barge Boats Watercolour Unframed 30cm X 50cm £220.
    Cottage By The Sea Watercolour Unframed 30cm x 28cm £200.
    Deck Chairs Watercolour Unframed 30cm X 20cm £190.
  • Acrylic Paintings

    These paintings are unframed as they are created on deep white canvases and do no need framing. They are beautifully varnished with thick glaze to protect them which gives them an extra depth to their shine. Each painting is unique and cannot be reproduced. They come in many different colours to suit your preference. £15.50 Postage and Packaging to UK Mainland Only. If you have any queries regarding delivery PLEASE CONTACT ME

    Golden sun rise Glazed Acrylic on Canvas 30 cm x 80 cm £220.
    Blue Wave Glazed Acrylic on Canvas 30 cm x 80 cm £220.
    Sailing into the sun Glazed Acrylic on Canvas 30 cm x 80 cm £220.
    Pink Wave Glazed Acrylic on Canvas 30 cm x 80 cm £220 .
    Blue Startline Glazed Acrylic on Canvas 30 cm x 80 cm £220.
    White Sails Glazed Acrylic on Canvas 30 cm x 80 cm £220.
    Ruby Moorings Glazed Acrylic on Canvas 30 cm x 80 cm £220.
    Race Day Glazed Acrylic on Canvas 30 cm x 80 cm £220.
    Summer Meadow Glazed Acrylic on Canvas 30 cm x 80 cm £250.
    Strolling on the Beach High Glazed Acrylic on Canvas 30 cm x 80 cm £350.
    Sea View - oil on Canvas 30 cm x 80 cm £550.
  • Our Location

    Gillian Paterson.

    62 Tartar Road, Cobham, Surrey KT11 2AR.
    Telephone: +44 07903 909 291
    E-mail: gillian.studios@googlemail.com

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